A Rose among Thorns

Tossed by fate’s randomness

She found herself among thorns

Intoxicated from her rich scent

They surrounded her

Fascinated by her beauty

Day and night, they protected her

All wilderness adored her stature

Nature gave her it’s best

They were obsessed

Her charm was like a curse

All winding vines led to her

Her free spirit was trapped

With them,

She shared  her belle

With her,

They couldn’t share their elations

Where art thou oh prince charming?

Come save her

Come lover

Come pluck her

She will be your lover’s endow

She deserves a beautiful death

Death among thorns won’t do

A flower in your lover’s hair

Will save a rose among thorns

About Mase Media.

What i believe is true. Only i can be better than me and myself#PutGodfirst#
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